What can rats chew through?

Rats are often contemplated to as “deadly pests”, are repeatedly blamed for spreading diseases, damaging houses, furniture, foods and other supplies. Others may see them that way, but some saw them as pets or used them as subjects for scientific research. Rats in the Indian tradition are worshipped at Karni Devi Temple wherein they are fed with milk and grain. Rat in Chinese astrology is referred to as the first in the 12-year cycle of the Chinese zodiac. They can also be eaten as a typical food, but some it is not generally accepted by all and is considered as forbidden.

Rats have a very powerful muscle, anchored around their eye sockets which control their jaws. They need this powerful jaw because their incisors never stop growing. They are in need to chew on things more often to wear their teeth down. And if they don’t keep on chewing, their teeth would grow continuously that make them impossible to close their mouth or even to eat, which may result in death.

Are wondering if what can rat chew through? Perchance, you would be surprised. They can gnaw anything that is not harder than their teeth. Their teeth are harder than iron or copper.

Because their teeth are so hard, rats can chew through the most building materials, including plastic, cinder blocks, glass, wood, aluminum sheeting, asbestos, brick, concrete, and even an inch sheet of metal. They can also chew through the rubber, clothes and almost everything in your house. Rats can also dodge on the flooring and gnaw through the walls or around areas where holes already exist in finding their way into your house. Yet it is impossible for them to chew rock or stone flooring. Rats can also chew through clothes to sharpen their teeth. Rats can chew through electrical wires or appliances which may cause power shortage, short circuit, and fire which is a very dangerous trouble.

They may gnaw water and gas pipes which can result to leakages and can damage your property. Rats can chew almost anything in your house. Furthermore, rats from dirty environments carry deadly diseases that can be transmitted from one rat to another, or to humans such as salmonellosis, hantavirus, and leptospirosis. Rats may seem an invincible opponent, but it is always possible to keep them out. The best way to stop them from destroying your house is through exclusion. Eliminating areas that rats use in entering your house and utilizing of rat proof products which can keep them away from your house permanently. But the most important solution in getting rid of rats is through cleaning. Maintaining a clean environment helps you to get rid of pest from occupying your own house.